Marcy Park Project

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Hopefully your interest will materialize into a donation to renovate this dilapidated park!


                              Marcy Park playground equipment is over 20 years old, rusty and broken.   In fact some equipment has been removed for safety reasons and the last ‘rocker’ has been quarantined.   It’s time to invest in our neighborhood for the kids and property values.     Please help save Marcy Park !! 

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Broken space shuttle rocker

Old Playground Equipment - 20 plus years

Old Playground Equipment – 20 plus years

Rusty equipment

Rusty equipment


The plan calls for replacing the current equipment intended for 5 year old and under kids AND a new playground for older children just west of the existing equipment.     The new playgrounds will be ADA accessible using compliant equipment.    We need ALL HANDS ON DECK in the community to make this project a success.  

The city has no budget to replace this equipment so it will take donations from the community and businesses to make this happen.

Follow this link for an areal preview of the vision:

Marcy Park Plan – “Fly Over” Click Here !!


“The Giving Playground” – Courtesy of the Lake Murray Playground project