Long Term Plan

The plans for a “New Marcy Park” include replacing the out dated (5 yrs old and under) playground equipment and creating a new playground structure west of the existing area for children older than 5 years.

Because we will not be replacing “Like for Like” structures a number of added costs are triggered.   These include ADA improvements (grading and new walkways), storm runoff mitigation expenses and labor costs known as “Prevailing wages” (city employee wages rather than less expensive contractor expenses).

These added expenses will likely drive the Marcy Park project over one million dollars.  Because this long term goal is beyond the reach of our local community funds we will be introducing the project to the city council for 2019 consideration.

Please click on the link below to experience the vision of Marcy Park Playground with an aerial fly over!

Fly over video – click here!

The renderings below reflect the playground structures and layout.   

Click on each image to view full screen –

Westerly View of Older Children Equipment

Westerly View of the new “Older Children” Equipment – Mission By Montessori would be just behind tree line here.

Westerly View of Older Children Equipment

Westerly View of “Younger Children” Equipment – Replacing current equipment.

Westerly View

Easterly View of “Younger Children” Equipment


ADA Compliant Roller Slide

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