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Q: Where is Marcy Park?


A: On the west end of University City => https://goo.gl/maps/r9wEepoDfQv

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Q: There’s a playground there already….what’s wrong with it?


Marcy Park hasn’t had any updates to either the playground, picnic tables or surrounding landscape in 30 years.   In fact there have been a number of downed trees and destroyed park benches over the years.   The most obvious example of it’s dilapidation can be found with the children’s playground equipment.   This equipment is outdated, broken and rusted in many areas (see enclosed images below).   The proposal will be to update the existing playground and add a new area for older children to enjoy.







Question Mark ImageQ: What will this cost?

A: We are in the process of finalizing the budget.  There are many factors to consider, including ADA-required upgrades that include excavation of the current walkway to meet grade requirements for wheelchairs; removal of old equipment and sand; equipment selection; excessive labor costs that are required by law entitled “Fair Labor Wage” (meaning a higher union rate than most vendors charge).   We  intend to ask the city to match the funds that will be contributed by the community and surrounding businesses of UC.   We’ll post more information as it becomes available – stay tuned!

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Q: Who will pay for the renovations?

A: Through donations from corporations, charitable foundations and the neighborhood.  We are also working with the City of San Diego to identify any potential grants or government funding.

Question Mark ImageQ: Does the city support this project and provide funding?


A: Yes, the city supports this project but openly admits that there are no funds available ear-marked for this project in the city plan.

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Q: Are there plans to install bathrooms at Marcy Park?


A: Unfortunately bathrooms are not in scope for this project.   Adding bathrooms involves significant effort, funding and city approvals as a result of plumbing and sewage lines.   Additionally, added city maintenance and security concerns made this a ‘non-starter’ for the project.

Question Mark ImageQ: Will there be a dog park added to Marcy Park?


A: Although we know that many of our residents enjoy using Marcy Park for their beloved friends, a dog park requires city approvals and funding that would double this effort.   We expect that will be a phase two community effort.

Question Mark ImageQ: Has this been attempted before?


A: Yes.  According to Park and Recreation Department officials, the city has had several successful partnerships with community groups in upgrading play areas in our parks.  The most recent was in Lake Murray Playground Project.  At Lake Murray, the community raised funds to replace the old equipment and upgrade the play area to meet ADA accessibility requirements.  The playground at Kellogg Park in La Jolla was also recently revamped with community support.

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Q: Is there a timeline in mind?


A: Assuming all the pieces fall into place, the steering committee for the Lake Murray Playground Project would like children to be playing on the new playground on June 1, 2017.

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Q: Who can I contact for more information regarding Marcy Park?

A: Ruth DeSantis (rgd@san.rr.com) or Don Hotz (don.hotz@yahoo.com)

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