Ariesta Ho: “Yes, please!! Tis park is in need of renovation.   It is my 3 year old son’s favorite park but I honestly reluctant to brin him here due to it’s safety.

Diane Ahern: “I wholeheartedly support an update to Marcy Park”

Monica Harding: “We can walk to Marcy Park but instead drive to Spreckles.  My disabled son who loves to swing can’t.   The existing ones are all for babies….”

Alexandra Olsen: “This is LONG overdue!!!”

Eric Langner: “It would be nice to have the park renovated for children and adults alike.”

Anna Hurtado: “Would love to have a great park, long overdue.”

Suzanne Seldess: “We are very excited for our neighborhood playground to get a much needed face lift!”

Donald Gladden: “This I badly needed, especially the trees.  They are so over age and over grown to be dangerous, as witnessed by the major failure in January.”

Marty Schmid: “Playground is badly in need of refurbishing!”

Catherine Kahler: “The play structure is so old and some of the items seem to be dangerous for my young kids.”

Elizabeth Estline: “We’d love some shade and a structure for older kids.”


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